October 27, 2013

doily bowl

You might have seen this before but for me it's brand new.....

My experiment was cornflour mix with boiled water...becasue I don't want to use glue...

 Let it dry

you have to make sure that they are really dry before you take them off....I left them almost 24 hours seems not work by me...then my husband told me just put it in the oven...hahah...I'm serious...100 c degree for 30 minutes and just let them cool down for a couple hours....yessss.....they are so so beautiful.......I would love to make some more...and I'm more than happy to share with you guys...
Have a nice day


  1. Hello! I just found your blog yesterday through Annemarie's Link Your Stuff page. Your pictures are beautiful, and I've had fun looking at some of your crochet things. I printed the lace bowl graph you posted and will try to make my own. I've never made one before. I'm going to look at more of it today. I'm on Ravelry as ScottyP and have a blog as well. I love crochet! Thanks for sharing yours. I'll be back.

  2. Hi..Pammy, that's a very kind of you to leave very lovely comments on my blog :-) I hope that you can enjoy doily bowl crocheting and have a good luck....I will go visit you blog soon..

  3. Hola me quedé maravillada!! con esas canastas que cantidad de maizena y agua mezcló usted?.Espero que el idioma no sea un problema. So cute all.

    1. Hi Artemisa, I used 3-4 tablespoon of maizena then mixing with boiled depends on how big of your crochet work...just try it ...Greeting from Netherlands :-)


Thank you very much for all mentions and compliments.