October 15, 2014

doily clock?

As I told you that I would like to make a bigger doily's done!

  but....I did something wrong..the clockwise doesn't fit it on the centre.....

 can you see ? what wrong with it? if you would ask...

there are 13 flower petals...I want 12 petals instead of 13...........grrrr...... doesn't matter ( or do matter) I can use it like a big coaster...

Have a very happy crochet day :-)


  1. You actually DID make 13 center petals, so of course you have 13 outer petals. However, like you said, you can still use it like a centerpiece or as a "coaster" for a pot, but it's SO pretty, why would you hide it?!

    1. Hi Lunatica, I have no idea where I can put it...but thank you for your compliment anyway


Thank you very much for all mentions and compliments.