October 7, 2015

by ami_mom

The package is just arrived this afternoon directly from Thailand. I love love love it so much...she is very very cute...I call it a piece of (crochet) art. It handmade with love and care. I can see and feel the delicate of details. It made to order by Nong a friend of mine from crochet world. If you would like to see more of her brilliant crochet or would like contact her please click here ...on FB just searching for ami_mom

 This is my mini doll  

 her eyes are funny...don't you think? 

 she is very tiny 

 ♥ ♥ 

 I used crochet hook # 1.1 mm. 

 Have a lovey crochet day 



  1. Lovely! And so tiny!!! Wow! With all those details it is indeed a piece of art!

  2. Is it made by you, or by her? it is art, indeed.

    1. Hi Cristna, a yellow one is made by ami_mom (from Thailand) but a blue one made by me of course ;-)
      Have a nice day xx

  3. oh, yes, it was clear from the beginning (it is written on the photo) but ... silly me :))
    sorry :)


Thank you very much for all mentions and compliments.