September 30, 2013

rain boots

These lovely rain boots for baby Miley ( a daughter of my friend)...I spent all last Sunday afternoon to find out how to crochet them...I used 2 patterns, this one basic baby booties that I saw from annemarieshaakblog link your stuff they made by marianna and I did combine with this cuffed baby booties ,of course... they made by Sarah repeatcrafterme...Thank you Thank you ladies for sharing... 

Have a wonderful sunny day everyone..

September 24, 2013

japanese flower

60 flowers, 26 colours and 3 months of work...but I stoped time to time to crochet other things also...this flower I saw from Lucy attic24 but I tried to crochet them by myself (just read from flower that she made) and before post this label I did search on internet and I found japanes flower photo tutorial from revlie's blog I hope that you'll like it.....

September 22, 2013


This week most of the time I was looking ,searching on blogs more than crocheting but I do crochet everyday...I'm very happy with little things(flowers, weeney balls) that I made....Today I'd like to share this lovely tea pot coaster, the pattern is little spring mandala from Barbara Made in K-town
Have a lovely weekend everyone....

September 15, 2013

oilily look

I saw this key cover on Etsyshop..I just felt in love with the colours...the flower I've found pattern from karinaandehaak thank you Karin for sharing a very colourful and a very lovely flower power pattern..and I use this leave pattern from Lucy's blog  attic24 her blog is wonderful and full filled with inspiration..many many thanks agian for Lucy.

September 13, 2013

key cover

I did crochet it for my self but someone would like to buy it from me..then I made it in diference colours....I use triple layer flowers and leafs pattern from Lucy blog attic24

September 7, 2013