May 30, 2015

doily lampshade

 the meaning was a stiffened doily lampshade but I'm not so.. wow with it...
...just keep on searching for another pattern...

doily lampshade pattern

 Have a lovely crochet weekend 


May 19, 2015

lace stole

 It's ready to ship to Thailand for my childhood it...and love her so much

lace stole pattern

♥ have a lovely crochet day 


May 5, 2015

crochet dress of us

"Proud to wear our own crochet dress. Thank you to my beloved friend Tukta for teaching and inspiring me"

It's a lovely message from my dear friend Manee

Thank you very much to our professional photographer Matthieu Verhoeven for beautiful photos.

♥ Have a nice crochet day my friends  


May 4, 2015

cosy crochet morning

actually this is not crochet by Tukta...These are crochet projects of my friends...they love my crochet dress nr.2 and would like to make it them self...let's rock it girls

PS : I made these photos 2 weeks ago and the project is done...tomorrow I'll show you our own crochet dresses...

♥ Tukta 

May 3, 2015





my best friend came along from Thailand to visit me in Holland...12 days we had a wonderful time and a great journey together...
              ♥ Have a nice day everyone