January 28, 2014


Last year I did make a white one..I thought that white could be easy to wear with another colors but violet is not that bad ,right? and again...this pattern is japaness...take your time and just follow the diagram...
Have a nice crochet day...


January 14, 2014

bell flower

 flower pattern

  1. make 6 sc in a magic ring
  2. increase around = 12st
  3. *1sc, increase, *repeat around = 18st
  4. sc = 18st
  5. sc = 18st
  6. sc = 18st
  7. sc = 18st
  8. *1sc, 2dc+1trc+2dc in de next stitch, *repeat 6 times
US crochet term
ch = chain
sc = single crochet
dc = dubble crochet
trc = triple crochet
st = stitch

Dutch crochet term
ch = lossen
sc = vaste
dc = stokje
trc = dubbel stokje
slip stitch = halve vaste

Have a nice dag and enjoy crocheting...

January 12, 2014


It's great to be back on blogland again...
Have a nice crochet day everyone...