August 30, 2015

high tea party

crochet dress pattern is here

  We had a wonderful weather for high tea party  
  Have a lovely day everyone  


August 25, 2015

white flowers dress

 Do you like a white dress with short jeans?..... I do like it alot.....

  look alike flower pattern that I used  

  try to mix and match with crochet stitch pattern that you prefer  

 Enjoy the summer and have a lovely crochet day 


August 2, 2015

the meaning of Tukta or Tukkata

  Tukta or Tukkata means doll  

  my name is Tukkata...yes, I'm a tukkata too  

crochet stitches for dress

I spent a week to make this tukkata...It very easy pattern to follow
I found from Hannah's blog...She made lots of beautiful dolls and share the patterns...many many thanks to her for sharing...I am very appreciated...and this is   artedetei ♥ to visit her blog for this lovely pattern.

 Have a lovely crochet day