September 14, 2015

mini doll

 target group is from 4 - 104 year 

 my son said : she is cute but a little bit weird because of her big head 

 but I do like her a lot 

  my new little cute mini doll..I want to crochet more clothes for her...the winter is comming...brrr 

 dress pattern is here 

 a tiny blossom patten is from planetjune blog  
 Have a nice crochet day 


September 9, 2015

a sweet little girl

 I love the colours 

 a blue bird makes me smile 

 letters pattern
 the pink flowers are my favorite 

 Lizzy is a very tiny and a very sweet girl family S. it's a baby girl.... 

 Have a lovely crochet day my friends 


September 3, 2015

shawl in old pink colour

  Nederlands pattern from  mcdid  

♥  diagram pattern click here  

  Have a lovely crochet day